L'Uomo Vogue Italy

10 issues a year. Please call 212 695-2534 to place an order for the  back issues in stock.

L'UOMO VOGUE has been the most prestigious and influent international magazine dedicated to man fashion for more than 25 years. A reference point for the evolution of habits and the expression of the man style. L'UUOMO VOGUE has reached this leadership thanks to it has succeeded to detect and to interpret real-time fashion signals coming from all over the world, and still does. Famous contemporary photographers, the greatest illustrators, the most famous writers are the protagonists of the accurate narration of fashion L'UOMO VOGUE offers in each issue number. On top of that, L'UOMO VOGUE makes an up-to-date report of those men that, with their ideas, their creativity and their work, affect the different areas of our every-day life.

Please call 212 695-2534 to find out the stock of back issues.

L'Uomo Vogue Italy
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