Next Look Menswear AW 2019-2020

2 issues a year. Next Look Menswear AW 2019-2020

This combination of trade journal and styling trend book for men's fashion professionals provides a selective and future oriented analysis of all the leading menswear designer 

shows from the international fashion capitals and their consolidating in six market-driven and at the same time innovative themes.Each of the themes is presented in a complex, descriptive, inspirational way and by means of immediately usable styling sketches:
inspirational photos, trend-setting styles from the designer collections, colour themes and ideas for colour combinations, typical fabric and material optics as well as shoes, 
bags, belts and other accessories complemented by an extensive pool of new design ideas, outfit figurines and drafts for coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear and accessories. 
All styles are provided on the accompanying DVD as vector files for easy and professional processing.

Next Look Menswear AW 2019-2020
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