Vogue Sposa Italy Magazine

Vogue Sposa Italy Magazine 4 issues a year.

The bride's world according to Vogue. Great attention to photographic images, elegant graphics and a high editorial profile approach that reaches a selected audience, though not just a niche, are the characteristics of the magazine that establishes the rules for a sophisticated wedding, not only for Italy but also abroad. Fashion is just one of the many topics dealt with in the magazine, because a "Vogue" wedding is denoted by every single detail: the atmosphere of the ceremony, the style of the reception, the choice of a bombonnnière or of a floral arrangement, the exclusivity of the honeymoon. With four issues per year that reflect the most important moments of a wedding. Vogue Sposa offers advice to the sophisticated woman who wishes to make the most important day of her life unforgettable.
Vogue Sposa Italy Magazine
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